Best Display Home $200,000 – $300,000

The Flamingo 220, Woondella Estate – Sale.

Stunning property The Flamingo has taken out top honours in the Best Display Home $200,000 – $300,000 category for MBA new comers Colmac Homes. The first time entrants won the award with an ingenious, spacious design combining the luxury of alfresco living, with an enormous open plan.

“The judges were impressed with our attention to detail,” Jason McMillan from Colmac Homes said “They also singled out our workmanship and unique design as reasons we won our MBA”.

Winning the Best Display Home category by entering the first display home they ever built, this was also the first time Colmac Homes had also entered any type of award competition.

“Its a fantastic reward, validating our efforts” Jason said.

Colmac Homes captured the attention of impressed industry observers with their ability to thrive in the face of major upheavals which have challenged the profession over the past year “Our MBA reinforces our instincts and the plans we have for our future direction”, confirming the team’s individuality in creating ingenious designs according to the environment and circumstances their construction projects present them with.

The Flamingo display home exemplifies Colmac Homes ability to capture the influence of a building environment to inspire their construction’s design and enhance the furnishings of their indoor-outdoor setting, producing a unique use of space, with lifestyle convenience.

Corner Stacker Glass doors make access from alfresco to inner transitions harmonious, emphasising huge open living spaces, while design maximises seclusion and luxury with an extension off the master bedroom section.